‘Innocent Operator’ Why your customer care service can ruin your business?

Client-oriented, friendly, user-friendly, what other good words can be used to describe successful customer care service operation? Many and it’s pleasure when you can say so.

But what if it’s not so successful?

The answer is – it’s disaster! The reason why it’s, – because it’s just the way to ruin your business.

When you have call-centre operator, manager who’s working with client, seller and any other employee who can use improper communication style, words, intonation, timing…and simply share bad mood…you’re just too close to get unsatisfied client or loose this client at all.

What it should look like?

 There’re simple rules to build an outstanding customer care service. And every entrepreneur and business owner should remember these rules and apply every single day:

  1. Your employees should be motivated. Lack of motivation – bad service. This way your customer will always happily communicate to happy person and your company will be associated with friendly smile as a minimum
  2. Your customer care service should be properly and in-time informed on any promo-offers, problems (public announcements), changes, etc. This way your customer wouldn’t get incorrect answer and your operator wouldn’t feel like an alien – who’s not familiar with change
  3. People who represent your company and communicate to your clients face-to-face should look properly. This way your company wouldn’t be mentioned by ‘I’ve met such a guy in crazy shoes’ or ‘Girl with pink hair just calculated price for me’. For sure it’s memorable experience, but it’s not a part of your business image (if you’re not running tattoo saloon or comics store, etc).
  4. Maintain internal communications and culture on the high level. Your employees are a part of your business, they shouldn’t feel apart just because they spent all the time answering clients’ requests. Make sure it’s a team work. This will help to keep motivation, which leads to happy employee and as a consequence good job and happy clients.


For sure it’s not a full list and sequence could differ from case to case, but the most important you’ve got:

create and maintain friendly atmosphere,

build an extraordinary experience!


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