2016Summary & 2017Strategy

This post is aimed to summarize tendencies we’ve got through the StartUp community, SME community related to business consulting, sales processes and strategic development. As well as I’ll summarize the list of ‘know-how’ and ‘never-do-this’ points, thus if you’re entrepreneur, SME or StartUp and you really want to succeed, follow this list and you’ll get what you want and need.

Even with our latest Industry Research recovering the reasons of StartUps and SME failure, from our consulting side we’ve found some very hazard reasons why are you doomed to fail… Let’s make it clear – to give you an opportunity to avoid these mistakes next year.

2016...The year of ‘ Whohooo! We’re StartUp, we’re cool! – Yes, it’s still actual, it’s still about huge percentage of our community.

About 5% of StarTups I’ve a pleasure to communicate to this year has own vision, process understanding and ready to implement correct processes…Other 95% – has minimum one problem from the list below.

2016…One more year of ‘I want to run my own business’ – and I believe that sole entrepreneurs and SME is our future. And the tendency here is much better than with StartUps. Business owners and entrepreneur more likely are ready to correct strategic processes rather than ambitious trials because of ‘I’m the owner and I know better’.

2016 Failures  in StartUps &SME:

  • Business Development misunderstood. Many business owners tending to accept business development as sales, marketing as sales, but not many understand the system itself and how it works. This way I think it’s good to simplify the structure especially because its easily and successfully adopted by many our customers. But it’s hardly criticized by many ‘old-fashioned’ business consultants;
  • Customer care service missing or low quality. Even with growing tendency of customer oriented businesses, about 90% of them has no correct customer care service. What to say… even big corporations fail on this part…
  • Business by stereotype…It’s nothing else to add to these words i.e ‘if you know what I mean’ LOL
  • Sell it for me I’ll give you commission, – one of the most common mistakes. The point is you can’t offer affiliate marketing opportunity as a job elsewhere and not every product/service can be sold out with affiliate marketing. Thus, think strategically;
  • Sales managers – commission only position. You can’t really get good sales manager paying commission only. You’ll get newbies, trials and constant failures. Remember this;
  • No strategy, no marketing, incorrect positioning – is a common mistake;
  • Hiring employee or consultant you shouldn’t look for ‘dog to make every step as you said’ but you need to look for individual/company who’ll deliver best result to your business. That’s another one common mistake. If you’re looking for satisfaction from hierarchy as ‘I said – you do’ – you’ve forgotten the most important part of the deal – result;
  • You should change processes but never compromise on quality or final result, – general rule!


Thus, acknowledging and fixing mistakes from the list above we can form the 2017 Strategy by the steps:

  1. Analyse your current situation, assess current results
  2. Conduct industry, market and competitors research or order this service
  3. Order or conduct by own resources target customer profile development
  4. Define niche and positioning, form USP or get help on this
  5. Finalize your winning strategy and form a plan on its’ basis, get help on this
  6. Fix your customer care serviceform the right change project
  7. and Finally – earn more&spend less, – this is how KLCGroup helps businesses


That’s your roadmap to start today!

Yes, you can spend New Year night correct way – forming successful strategy for your business. And our limited pricing offer is valid till Dec 31st 2016, GET HELP TODAY

Best Wishes to You & Your Business for New 2017 Year!


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