Strategy is the Queen & the King

There is no business and no effective change without a unique strategy. We can help you here. Over the past eight years our teams helped millions of startups, solo-preneurs, SMEs and corporations. We change the way the business is started and managed, implementing the most effective – strategic and complex approach.

We are developing your unique research-based marketing strategy with precise target customer profiling and effective combinations of channel/strategy and tactic to develop your business in the most effective way.

Our marketing strategy is never a ‘guess what’ to waste your budget, it’s a valuable strategic plan to boost your business development.

The process starts from market/industry/competition research, leads to target customer profiling with behavioral patterns analysis, SWOT & 4P or 5 forces, marketing combinations, plan, timeline, budgeting, staffing, etc. We got you covered!

We deliver the best:

  • marketing strategy;
  • go-to-market (GTM) strategy;
  • pricing strategy & business model;
  • launch strategy – new markets, new products, etc.
  • we also offer strategy execution with our diverse global teams and/or strategic assistance for change projects analysis and adjustments. Check out Business Plans & Packages for further reference or contact us

We work with StartUps, solo-preneurs, SME and international conglomerates.

We base our work on two approaches:

  1. Strategic Approach – every marketing and/or project business strategy should be based on the research and then properly converted into a plan and executed StrategicApproach
  2. Complex Approach – if one of the elements is weak, it will fail the system. There are five elements: Marketing, PR, Sales, Customer Service, Management ComplexApproach

Lucy Kovalova-Woods, leading strategist of WKG Strategy. See some of the testimonials. Here to help, Contact Us