Strategy Execution

We are offering you the strategy execution assistance monthly basis with three basic options:

  • 100% done for you, you only communicate to one project manager and receive monthly reports;
  • 50% in – you participate in team meetings, recruiting process, some of the team members are on-site with you, etc;
  • all in – you do it all, our analytical team helps to assess results monthly/quarterly/annually and suggests adjustments, developing change plan, etc.

This service refers to marketing strategy, GTM strategy, and change plans. With monthly engagement, we also assist you with regular monitoring of the market trends, customer behavior analytics, regular review of competition (quarterly) and other ongoing tasks to ensure highest efficiency of your marketing budget expenditure.

Thus, with our help, your pricing, offering, and development will be the most effective to affect your bottom line positive way.

As a separate service or as a part of monthly plan, we can also hire, train and manage your remote marketing & PR, sales and customer service teams. 

You may choose from plans and packages we put together based on our previous experience or request a custom solution.

Lucy Kovalova-Woods, Lead Strategist of WKGstrategy. Check out some testimonials