Packages & Plans

We are constantly innovating processes and developing our team in order to present better value to you. Our packages and plans are designed to provide complex solutions for certain business needs.

Package and plans we offer today:

MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE PACKAGE for SME and StartUps to conduct managerial and strategic activities for your business needs.  GET PACKAGE OFFER BROCHURE: ManagementAssistancePackageOffer

Management Assistance Package Benefits:

  • you get dedicated team working on your team
  • you get top level team development including hiring, training, including monthly motivational training
  • you get all strategic and business development coverage with global leading highly experienced team including monthly brainstorming meeting
  • BPO – marketing, customer service & other remote team management – saving you a lot of time
  • you only communicate to your strategic manager, you don’t need to waste time to control it all, we do it for you

STARTUP PACKAGE for StartUps and starting solo-preneurs for effective business start, investment involvement, managerial support and online presence development. GET PACKAGE OFFER BROCHURE: StartUpPackageOffer

StartUp Package Benefits:

  • All described processes are managed for you, you only communicate to one person in our team which saves you a lot of time
  • Services included covered major StartUp area – looking for funding options, partnerships, documents preparation, online presence setup and development and much more
  • Expense optimized – the list of services has optimal pricing. As our team is complex and diversified, we can provide better pricing for complex packages
  • We are focused on your success, best result is our goal

STARTUP LIVE and STARTUP LIVE+ PACKAGES are designed for Startups to develop and maintain their effective online presence GET PACKAGE OFFER BROCHUREStartUpLive&LivePlusPackageOffer

StartUp Live and StartUp Live+ Packages Benefits:

  • you have initial digital presence setup without worrying of hiring right person/agency
  • you have service of quality digital marketing agency provided with lower price
  • you have global team of freelancers  working for you and you only collect results and communicate to one dedicated manager, who’s acting as your CMO
  • our team focused on your online presence development, you can see how you growing online

STRATEGIC CHANGE GUIDE PLAN Our booming 2018 offering – to assist your strategic development on the regular basis – for StartUps, SME and solo-preneurs. GET PLAN OFFER BROCHURE: StrategicGuidePlanOffer

Strategic Change Guide Plan Benefits:

  • you get regular expert advise on strategic development
  • you get regular assessment of your results and recommendations on strategic change
  • you get dedicated strategic team with global experience working on your case


Coming soon… Market It Plan

You can always request a custom service package or plan for your business, our flexibility is aimed to assist you in business excellence journey.