Is there something you willing to change?  In your life, career, business?

Tired of the routine, feeling stuck and devastated?

Well… it is time for a change!

Presenting to you our new individual service – change mentorship. Whatever your struggle is, we know the ways how to help you start seeing a picture from another angle, finding solutions, changing directions and moving towards your dreamed life!

You know what? We need to talk!

Book the first 15 min call completely FREE and we’ll see if this plan is the right fit for you!

Who can benefit?

  • If you are looking for a career transition or change
  • If you are running your business but realized it is not what you wanted/expected
  • If you are starting your business and scared to death…
  • If you are simply feeling stuck by all or any of direction

How it works?

45 min calls twice a week, regular chat/email assistance with ongoing questions.

How much it costs?

The test price for the first month is $400. Next month’s price will depend on the chosen scenarios and schedules. Book you free 15 min intro call here

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