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Change Mentorship

Is there something you willing to change?  In your life, career, business? Tired of routine, feeling stuck and devastated? Well... it is time for change! Presenting to you our new individual service - change mentorship. Whatever your struggle is, we know the ways how to help you start seeing picture from another angle, finding solutions,… Continue reading Change Mentorship

change, For Individuals, Personal Mastery, strategy

Accountability & GTD Coaching

There's always a way to achieve what you want. Yes, you need to work hard. And also, you might need some guidance and help. If change mentorship is not something you feel right for your needs, try it out with our classical but innovated accountability & GTD /GettingThingsDone/ coaching plan. What will you get? guidance… Continue reading Accountability & GTD Coaching

For Individuals

Freelance Career

Master how to make your work unique, create a well-known self-brand, find clients, and increase demand for your products or services... GET THE LIFE YOU DESERVE! Are you tired of working 8 hrs per day, 7 days per week, unappreciated? 'I did it myself, knowing all the pitfalls can help you become successful freelancer' Read… Continue reading Freelance Career