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Customer Service

Did you know that customer service is anew era sales tool?... or... ...that it is 80% cheaper to keep existing customer than finding new one? That customer lifetime value correlates directly to customer service quality?   Oh, now you definitely know. Are you sure you are all set? Let's check it out. What we do?… Continue reading Customer Service

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Change Mentorship

Is there something you willing to change?  In your life, career, business? Tired of routine, feeling stuck and devastated? Well... it is time for change! Presenting to you our new individual service - change mentorship. Whatever your struggle is, we know the ways how to help you start seeing picture from another angle, finding solutions,… Continue reading Change Mentorship

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Accountability & GTD Coaching

There's always a way to achieve what you want. Yes, you need to work hard. And also, you might need some guidance and help. If change mentorship is not something you feel right for your needs, try it out with our classical but innovated accountability & GTD /GettingThingsDone/ coaching plan. What will you get? guidance… Continue reading Accountability & GTD Coaching


Packages & Plans

We are constantly innovating processes and developing our team in order to present better value to you. Our packages and plans are designed to provide complex solutions for certain business needs. Package and plans we offer today: MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE PACKAGE - for SME and StartUps to conduct managerial and strategic activities for your business needs. … Continue reading Packages & Plans

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BPO – Outsourcing

Business process outsource is the efficient and modern way of doing business. And we are ready to assist you in this step of optimization. We will recruit, train and manage for you your most effective and remote - marketing&PR - sales - customer service teams. You no longer need to worry whom to hire and… Continue reading BPO – Outsourcing

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StartUp Assistance

We are with you on every step since your got the idea! StartUp Assistance - is when we got you covered! We analyze idea, market and industry, competition and pricing, prospective target customer groups, pricing and options. We develop your business model and positioning, marketing and sales strategy and plan. We help you start, hire… Continue reading StartUp Assistance

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Strategy Execution

We are offering strategy execution assistance and since last year also quarterly and 6 month subscription based packages to help you assess current results and form change plan for the most effective strategic move. We refer to marketing strategy and business strategy itself, but we assist you with market trends, customer behavior and competition regular… Continue reading Strategy Execution

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Marketing Strategy

We are developing your unique research based marketing strategy with precise target customer profiling and effective combinations of channel/strategy and tactic to develop your business the most effective way. Our marketing strategy is never guess what ti waste your budget, it's a valuable strategic plan to boost your business development. The process starts on market/industry/competition… Continue reading Marketing Strategy