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               WKG Strategy is a boutique network-based strategy consulting and complex marketing agency with an innovative business model. WKG Strategy  is a result of a liaison between KLC Group and Jim Woods Group that took place in July 2017. WKG STRATEGY’s main focus is to help startups and solo-preneurs with strategic development – from business model, to marketing strategy, to effective business development. Check out ‘For Businesses Section’ to find out more.

As for the individuals, we have a variety of solutions, as converting dream into strategy, productivity coaching, books and Motivational Monday podcast.

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Business partners at that moment, Jim Woods and Lucy Kovalova recognized more than business is between them and merged their lives and businesses together. ‘We love what we do and we love helping others.’ – the rule they live and work by every single day.

Since the merger, WKG business becomes a multi-product, multi-service, a multi-directional global giant with clients on all continents. We are proudly global.

‘ We help individuals, startups, SME, and corporate clients worldwide. This website is for our strategic direction, for our training and development products services, please visit: woodskovalovagroup.com & for our coaching products and more about us personally, please visit jimandlucywoods.com’

Untitled (500 x 500 px)The head of WKG strategy direction is Lucy Kovalova-Woods with her 20+ years of experience in business development, project management, strategic development, and career coaching.

She is globally recognized author and advisor for individuals and startups. You can find books she wrote and co-authored in ‘Our Books’ menu section.

As a career coach, she won ‘Best career coach for women, 2011’ by Image Academy. As a business consultant she assisted over 200 startups and SMEs from KSA, South Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Kenya, Egypt, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, India, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland and other countries.