Online Support Rules: What Should you Teach Your Operators to Make it Outstanding

There’re general rules of successful customer care service and support team setup and management. The rules we don’t really have to discuss, but that still missed by many businesses.

We can see reports of incorrect customer care service in different businesses too often: HoReCa, retail,  e-commerce and product/service delivered online… In every type of business, any management type, structure, size, industry…too many cases of wrong customer care, support built.

As for the offline: retail, HoReCa some steps for the effective customer care service are obvious, for online businesses it’s mostly misunderstood.

Looks like entrepreneurs hiding themselves and businesses behind the site and ‘some answers is already ok’…but it’s not ok, to be frank.

Hiding, practising poor communication standards you’re not moving your business up, because clients’ satisfaction is a huge argument for or against your business.

There’re many resources on correct customer care service building, many books, but the main principles are quite simple and we could summarize it in 5 points:

  1. Timing
  2. Active listening
  3. Precise guidance
  4. Personalization
  5. Offering sweets:)

Looks easy,…but check it out for your business…

  1. Timing. Make sure that every inquiry answered in-time, – in 24 hours (faster-better). Yes, for business communication it’s possible to answer in three business days, but when communicate to client, you need to speed-up, otherwise client can choose someone else or get feeling that noone needs him/her in this company…as client…
  2. Active listening. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult to make your client feel comfortable, feel friendly atmosphere in conversation through email, chat…That’s why your operators should adopt active listening skill and know how to apply it in these types of communication. Client wants to be heard, problems to be solved, service to be perfect.
  3. Precise guidance. Make sure your operators, client managers, account managers know what to do, when and how they should respond and how to solve any prospective problem. When your final operator – the face of your business gets business updates later than client – it’s a problem. Remember – you need to inform customer care service teamlead first – operators shouldn’t get updates from weekly news officially released on site, they need to be prepared upfront.
  4. Personalization. Make sure that all the online communication has been (and will be) personalized. It’s much better when your final operator makes friends with client than when he afraid to said something else because ‘company doesn’t allow personal communication’. Let them discuss the favourite taste of wine to build a cosy environment.
  5. Offering sweets. Your final operator should always have something additional to offer to client (especially when solving problems). Bonus makes your client loyal! Remember that and develop types of bonuses and other offerings you may have. You shouldn’t pay for Rolls-Royce, but some bonus service/product or event invitation  – is always good solution.


As you can see – nothing difficult, but any point is easy to miss and mess-up with. Don’t be the one with bad service, be the one whom client will remember for years…and stay with you for years!

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